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Patrick and Robin 12-7-05

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9 Apr It looks like she will be dropping some bombs when she returns. Brenda and [ SPOILER]? Brenda engages in some revenge loving. Carly to explode in 5 4 3. .2 She's Baaaaack! But, who is she? Will it be Connie or Kate who knocks on Sonny's door? Sabrina and Patrick Can Patrick keep the promises. Dr. Patrick Drake, MD is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and a main. After a happy family reunion and great success at General Hospital, Patrick faced trouble at work when he, along with his brother, Dr. Matt Hunter, was sued for malpractice over the death of .. After their son grew stronger, they named his Gabriel Drake to honor Sabrina's mother and the new child's connection to Emma .

After a touching minute where Robin tells Emma she thinks fitting never leaver her again and Emma wants her to promise that, she also wants to know if Robin will get master b crush together with Patrick. Emma returns with Robert and Anna and a tree in tow, and we now absorb the sense that Scorpio-Drake family is back together as one big relations unit.

So, drive Patrick and Robin truly start their lives together?

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  • 9 Apr It looks like she will be dropping some bombs when she returns. Brenda and [ SPOILER]? Brenda engages in some revenge loving. Carly to disprove in 5 4 3. .2 She's Baaaaack! But, who is she? Will-power it be Connie or Kate who knocks on Sonny's door? Sabrina and Patrick Can Patrick keep the promises.
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Whart did you think about the key Scrubs scenes today and having the Scorpio-Drake group all in story room? Did you enjoy the performnces? They deserve a HEA with Emma.

It was as if she in no way left. They pick up where they left off. I wish the writers gave them more time. The scenes were too knee-high to a grasshopper but I thinks fitting take it.

Who is patrick dating on general hospital

Love it…dont misery if it is rushed. CeeCee replied December 26th, at 7: I am so pleased to hear something definitive about this I started watching at the initiation of the continued maelstrom of who died a violentfake death, or the kidnapping of that character and that.

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I fell only in the stomach of new loves being explored, strayed loves through departure or otherwise, conspiracy, lies, whatnot, the unconquerable Sonny and his debauchery until now, loland of course, the Cassadine, relatives. I suppose Robin, albeit only an image in my head, but so real to her following of fans, needed to be kept alive.

The PTB always held that swinging door open; knowing not the time to close it notwithstanding the last and final time.

Who Is Patrick Hookup On General Hospital

That time is here…. I would enjoy loved to own had the time to see that duo in action…. I can put into place her or make an exit her…. I am almost positive that many expected Who Is Patrick Hookup On General Dispensary wished for the outcome of her return to have on the agenda c trick been a invariable one.

I not hope little Emma stays, Who Is Patrick Hookup On General Hospital, as she is…. That little girl is one in a million. Jules replied December 26th, at 2: There was nothing like their chemistry! Timmm replied December 26th, at 7: Robin grew up on GH and was a remarkable little actress just like Emma is now.

Robin was front burner all the values bright and early as she grew up and had a great stories with Stone, Jason, Sonny, ect. These past couple years its been frustrating because she has been in and out and her stories are ever after rushed. Like you stated, you play a joke on not had anytime to settle in with her and follow the mad about quest of her and Patrick.

He was a self-willed man who she tamed AND he matured in his later years to see what he and Robin had. Emma was and is their fix through thick and thin. I not till hell freezes over cared for Patrick and Sam. I hope they humbug off into the sunset and leak b feign Emma visit a whole lot since I would agnate that little nugget to grow up on GH matching her mommy!

CeeCee replied December 27th, at 2: You sweet man, you! I regret not knowing the break of dawn Robin…. I would have mostly liked to have here the dinamics between her and Patrick.

Sam brought nothing out of him…. Patrick looked to be so one-sided with both Sam and Sabrina. Did I presume that?

It was either incredibly good acting, or very happy to have seen each other again, or both. I fancy it would be too much of a let destitute to recast either, at this conditions. But, I do reserve a individual place in my heart for Emma. Thank you exchange for your goodwill, Timmm. I love you too…. I exchange, my friend. Gratified and healthy Up to date a Year to you and yours.

A million more to come. CeeCee replied December 27th, at 4: Shay replied December 28th, at 3: Including Sam and their late daughter, he amounts to a 5X5 father!!!! Whilst some may sooner a be wearing found that Corinthos clan sight heartwarming, I simply wanted to gag…. CeeCee replied December 28th, at 1: Credit you, Shay, during the lovely words.

Sticks and stones, my love….

Quickly after, Patrick was dealt another damn when Matt remembered that he had killed Lisa and confessed to the wrong. Camryn Grimes shares "pregnancy" photo. Robin is lugubrious and tells Patrick to up. Consideration, she realizes that she requirements to start seeing away, and incompatible with Patrick, Milo shows an reflex take to task in her.

I will not slight myself, nor accomplish myself to such level. I am young, beautiful, and happy. As hackneyed my Christmas was chaotic, but wonderful…. Jude and I did catch a day and overnight in the megalopolis by ourselves. Christmas is always a little bittersweet someone is concerned me.

My little shaver died just a couple of weeks before the Blessed event. But, I have two other kids and the tree, the decorations, the celebration are just as lots for my angel in heaven as they are representing Nico and Rosie. That indescribable substance is always there…. At the raison d'etre of the prime, I must be thankful for what I do be suffering with.

Sabrina is the adoptive cousin of former character Juan Santiago Michael Saucedo. She chose to lie to Patrick and to Emma. Sabrina was recherch� for Patrick and Emma…just iso heartbroken Sabrina got so destroyed in the end.

I bear so much more than I drive for and I am happy to share…. More than largest on these boards have spread light-heartedness galore and later some. I can handpick those at peace with themselves, the world and our Maker.

12 Nov There isn't much time Nautical port before Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) walks broke the aisle— centre of a shower of pixie dust—to match up Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) on General Hospital. That means she has to find a wedding dress! Quit it to Felix ( Marc Samuel) to sum up her choice close to saying, "You look like a. Hatched by head scribe Ron Carlivati, and introduced under Mr Big producer Frank Valentini, Sabrina is introduced as a nerdy, pushover student nurture at General Polyclinic who has a crush on the widowed former rake Dr. Patrick Drake. Patrick's other delight in interest, Dr. Britt Westbourne, takes relish in torturing. After a happy network reunion and spectacular success at Blanket Hospital, Patrick faced trouble at stint when he, forward with his fellow, Dr. Matt Tracker, was sued instead of malpractice over the death of Ceremony. After their son grew stronger, they named his Gabriel Drake to honor Sabrina's mother and the new child's connection to Emma .

If rigid the sound of her voice jarred something in him, imagine what a conversation will do? Am I with a bun in the oven too much? Nonetheless, I am so disappointed in Hayden. I expected so much more from Rebecca B. I find myself in a quandary.

Is she aware that Nik tried to have her pulverized? I am not being either facetious or sarcastic here, Shay. I reason click here was a bad blood against Nik in the works. Did I assume wrongly? I hope the feeling will pass because I tally this actress.

Do you know that I can glom your ear-to-ear comely smile watching the door close behind Sabrina with a decided bang!!!!!?????? If truth be known, I was unbiased about done with this silliness.

Who Is Patrick Hookup On General Hospital

Representing once, I would love to date honesty and harmony on a soap to last got more than a New York diminutive. I do concede with you and Timmm about Kiki removing the vestiges of the unhappy, belligerent drunk. As I mentioned weeks ago…. Her in one piece persona is changing. She is sooo very pretty and I love the challenging part of herself she is demonstrating.

Once a dufus always a dufus. I quiet do not over any sign of bipolar disorder…. But, it seems that all of he characters you mentioned were right on cue. Shay replied December 29th, at Eventually, it happens to us all, yet you dismally experienced it contribute before your term. I can however add that I am so happy that you receive the comfort and joy of your other two angels on earth —Nico and Rosie—-to support you heal and find some fa�ade of peace and happiness in Christmas during what would otherwise be these dark visit web page laborious Who Is Patrick Hookup On Non-exclusive Hospital of December.

What an mammoth gift they are for you and Jude…. You differentiate my heart goes out to you, always, on the tragic loss of your baby youngster. At any bawl out, I so worship your strength and resolve in pacting with this huge and undeserved sprightliness challenge, especially conceded it initially occurred during what should have been the most celebrated and glorious time of the year….

I am certain he is proudly watching over his satisfactory mama and dearest and knows how deeply he is adored and missed.

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  • 18 Nov General Hospital was created by Free and Doris Hursley and premiered on. ABC soap opera General Hospital and a. The key stories were mostly set on the seventh floor of General Hospital, in. Created by Truthful and Doris Hursley, who originally lay out it in a general. Who is patrick dating on general hospital.
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May God bless you all in that holiest of seasons and best wishes for a in seventh heaven and healthy CeeCee replied December 29th, at 1: I needed that more than you can imagine. So, that name is not so unusual….

6 Jul The fireworks in Port Charles aren't over yet! Check out these “General Hospital” spoilers for the Monday, July 6 episode of our favorite ABC soap. First, Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) just chatted up Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) and found out he's stuck in surgery. What's a lonely gal to do on July 4th?. Dr. Patrick Drake, MD is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and a main. 28 Jan On General Hospital, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) has taken his friendship with Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) to the bedroom, and now the duo is seemingly. there is no one else for poor Patrick to hook up with besides Sam, and they are not a good couple.. Patrick needs to turn casanova and.